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The Mystery of the Banana

The Mystery of the Banana One thing is for certain, fisherman believe in luck. Whether it good luck or bad luck it is always a consideration when we are out fishing. Lake Superior fishing charter captains all agree that the banana represents a bad omen when on the water. Many things have been attributed to this fruit. Whether it be a slow bite, mechanical failure, or continuous losses of fish on the line. Typically, once a pattern of one of [...]

Isle Royale 2016

Sometimes you need to get away With the recent receipt of large amounts of rain I am glad I planned my annual trip to Isle Royale for when I did. Our trip to Isle Royale is one I make every few years, where I give up the Lake Superior charter fishing hat and take a group to the rock. This year, the Reel Nauti will be loaded up with my family and supplies for 10 days, 410 miles and thousands of [...]

The best time to fish on Lake Superior

Weather or not? With the back and forth weather patterns we have experienced in the last couple weeks I thought this would be a good subject to touch on. Most of the Lake Superior charter fishing boats generally operate in the same manner. We take great care in making the proper call as to when to go out on Lake Superior, when to stay in the St. Louis bay and chase walleye and pike and when to just plainly not [...]