Isle Royale 2016

Isle Royale 2016

Sometimes you need to get away

With the recent receipt of large amounts of rain I am glad I planned my annual trip to Isle Royale for when I did. Our trip to Isle Royale is one I make every few years, where I give up the Lake Superior charter fishing hat and take a group to the rock.

This year, the Reel Nauti will be loaded up with my family and supplies for 10 days, 410 miles and thousands of memories. Isle Royale boasts a multitude of opportunities for the avid fisherman. Most well-known are the massive lake trout that encompass the islands reefs waiting for an opportunity to catch a free dinner.  Most of these large ones will be found on the southern portion of the island which is where we will arrive after crossing a 90 mile stretch from Outer Island. This year “At Last” from Day Out Charters will join us from the Red Cliff marina for our trip.

In addition to the Lake Superior lake trout, Isle Royale boasts many other opportunities for game fish. This island boasts some great King and Coho salmon fishing, along with a pretty healthy steelhead fishery. Brown trout, brook trout and walleye can also be found in and around the park’s waters in years past we have caught fish with tags from Houghton, MI showing the distance that some of the migratory fish travel to find their prey. For more information on more than 40 species of fish that inhabit these waters follow the link below:

While we are away, our Lake Superior charter fishing trips will still be available, however, you will need to book online as we will be “off the grid” from July 20th-29th. Simply, click on any of the calendars on our website or the “Book Now” buttons in the top right of all of the pages.

If you are unable to find a date that will work for you, give or friends at Lake Superior Fishing a call as they have a fleet of boats ready to meet your needs.  We appreciate you following us on our page and look forward to the next Lake Superior charter fishing trip!

Tight Lines!

Captain Tom

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