The best time to fish on Lake Superior

The best time to fish on Lake Superior

Weather or not?

With the back and forth weather patterns we have experienced in the last couple weeks I thought this would be a good subject to touch on. Most of the Lake Superior charter fishing boats generally operate in the same manner. We take great care in making the proper call as to when to go out on Lake Superior, when to stay in the St. Louis bay and chase walleye and pike and when to just plainly not leave the dock. There are many factors that we take into consideration before each and every trip and weather is a big part of them.

Many groups ask, “How will the weather affect our trip?”  Generally speaking, good and bad. Springtime (May-Mid June) often greets us with the majority of days being not the greatest comfort wise to be on the water. However, as you may have read in one of my other blogs, fishing the top water bite can pay off huge. Often when working those surface lines we count on the wind to help us find the subtle differences in the water set up. “Slicks” are often revealed when the wind blows, and these slicks generally indicate temperature changes, current breaks and clarity differences. All three of those are big indicators for where bait can be found, and often this leads to better numbers of our target catches of lake trout, king salmon, coho salmon and brown trout. Too much wind, however changes it up a bit and depending on the direction it is coming form may cause the lake to build up to unfishable levels. As a standard most Lake Superior charter fishing boats will only call a trip when winds are sustained out of any of the east directions. The wind has a lot of room to get the lake roaring from that direction, with exception of the harbor there is not anywhere to hide from a strong East/North East wind. Typically, you will see our boats heading in to safe harbor.

Later in the summer (late June-mid August) the weather stabilizes, winds subside, and we rarely have weather days. However, we do see some severe storms converge on the area due to “cooler by the lake” temperatures. These will typically ignite some great lightning shows, along with wide open throttles to get off the water. At Superior Sport Fishing, we avoid putting ourselves in this position by having lightning indicators built into our weather radar which warns of any incoming severe threats. I must say though, it is usually right before these storms hit, fishing is the best.

Probably, the most important part of handling the weather, is being in a boat that is suited to handle it. We sport a beamy 33 foot Trojan International, which is constructed with one of the most documented hulls for handling big water. The Delta Conic hull on the Reel Nauti keeps it stable even when big waves are hitting it from all directions. Another stabilizing feature of the Reel Nauti is that it weighs over 16,000 pounds. Twice that of the majority of other Lake Superior charter fishing boats, making it one of the most comfortable vessels in the twin ports fleet.

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