Early Spring Fishing & Smelt Report – April 23, 2017

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Early Spring Fishing & Smelt Report – April 23, 2017

We have been graced with an early spring, while most of the Duluth Charter Fishing fleet is just splashing their boats many anglers have been able to get out and enjoy some great spring coho fishing. Reports from Duluth and Superior are reporting some consistent luck with a top water bite working the sediment lines coming out of the Superior entry.

Good fishing has also been had working the shore lines in under 50 feet of water for brown and lake trout. Don’t be afraid to get your boards up on the shore line as the smelt are running and lots of decent fish are following them up shallow.

We had the pleasure to catch the smelt in the middle of the run this past weekend, it was fast and furious with each seign pulling in from 1-5 gallons. If you didn’t hit it this weekend, plan to get out on the point in the next few days, weather dependent to get your bait or if you prefer yearly spring meal.

Back to the fishing report, focus on darker colors to create that silhouette in the dark water. Run shorter leads in the 50-60 foot range off of your release to keep your baits high so you aren’t running under the salmon as they cruise the surface. This is also key when fishing under 10 feet of water up close to the shore. Bait’s with action such as jointed bombers and challengers have a great ability to turn some fish’s heads and get them in your boat.

One more thing for those of you getting an early start, drive erratically, well at least at trolling speed. To many people try to stick right on a mudline and forget that creating an S pattern as you troll gives your baits added action and just might be that trigger that gets those fish to hit.

Here at Superior Sport Fishing, we are finishing up some upgrades to the Reel Nauti before we hit the Duluth Charter Fishing dock. We anticipate splashing the first week of May as soon as we get the word that city of Duluth and the infamous “Blue Bridge” have completed their gear upgrade.

Don’t have a boat? When considering Duluth Charter Fishing, you should give us a call, Saturdays are filling up in short order and we have a great deal on midweek evenings so don’t delay. We specialize in custom trips to make sure you have a great trip out on the Gitch. You can also follow us out on Facebook for more of what we have to offer @SuperiorSportFishing.

Captain Tom Linderholm

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