Bayfield Charter Fishing

2024 Bayfield Charter Fishing in the Apostle Islands!

Spring has Sprung for Bayfield Charter Fishing

Wondering what is happening on Lake Superior with the Bayfield charter fishing community? The weather is warming and the boat is polished. We have a goal of having our boats in by mid-April. Spring fishing is heating up, Superior Sport Fishing is looking forward to having great success trolling top water and mid-level, and deep rigs through the chartert season. Coming off the herring boom we experienced in 2022, we still plan to reap the benefits of a well fed ecosystem that produced some of the biggest salmon we have experienced on Lake Superior rivaling Lake Michigan’s Door County catches. 

What is the fishing like on a Bayfield Fishing Charter?

Typically in spring, our trips have “netted” our customers double digit catches. With lake trout and brown trout averaging 8-10 pounds and trophies pushing 30 pounds. Fish will still have bellies full of smelt, but with the current water it won’t slow the fish down one bit this year. Our trips this spring will take us short distances to troll for coastal fish as they will be stacked up in the higher column of water on the mainland shores and the island shoals. Some of our most productive colors in the spring are orange, gold and purple, pretty standard for Bayfield charter fishing boats. Trolling speeds typically range from 2.7-3.1 mph with lots of fish coming on outside turns.

One thing we often notice in the spring from Duluth to Ashland is the frequency of short hits. Short hits are basically quick aggressive tugs on baits resulting in a missed fish as they are not typically there. There are a lot of theories out there from dull hooks to speed. Personally I think it is salmon tail slapping the bait to knock it unconscious prior to circling around to eat it. Word is that they tend to play with their food prior to consuming. 

Best time to go on a Bayfield charter fishing trip?

When is the best time to go on a Bayfield Charter Fishing trip? Depends what you are looking for. Through the season we are presented with many different fisheries as the water temps warm. In the spring, April/May and the first part of June we see alot of variety in our catches. While the water is cold, salmon can be prevelant as well as other species such as Splake, Browns, Lakers and even some Steelhead.

Once the water starts to warm, salmon and steel head typically head out of our reach and our focus starts to be more on Lake Trout with some Browns and Splake mixed in. July and August are hands down the time to go for big fish. We start our trophy trips in the beginning of July where in 2023 we averaged 20+ fish per trip, with most trips successfully landing fish over the 20lb mark. As we venture into fall, we will see those salmon start to return after spending the summer packing on pounds. Last year surprised us when what we would expect to be 2-3 pound cohos started showing up in the 8-10 pound range.

If you are curious if your dates correspond with our openings, just check out our online calendar. If we don’t have that date open, feel free to still give us a call so we can recommend you to another quality outfit. Also, if you are in need of more than one boat, Superior Sport Fishing has access to multiple nearby Bayfield charter fishing boats. Just give us a call at (218) 349-2728 and we can work out the details. Or reach out via contact us.