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What to look for in a Bayfield Charter Fishing company?

What to look for in a Bayfield Charter Fishing boat

Welcome to Superior Sport Fishing. I want to take a moment to share what you should look for in a Lake Superior Charter fishing experience. As one of Bayfield’s premiere charter fishing outfits we do not always have the availability to meet our client’s demands. Bayfield Charter Fishing guides vary, there are a lot of boats to choose from. So making sure you get on the right boat for you is important and we are happy .

Our Boat

First of all let’s touch on the subject of size, there are few boats in our area that boast the size of our 33 foot Trojan International. When looking for a boat for 4 or more try to find one that is going to comfortably accommodate your group. There are several boats in the Bayfield Charter Fishing fleet that are great, quick boats, but they lack the room for groups over 4 and with the typical weather experience on Lake Superior they get a little rocky. My personal recommendation would be to find one over 30 feet in length. This will not only give you more room, but typically with larger boats they boast a bigger beam. What is beam? Beam is the width of the vessel, our boat the Reel Nauti boasts a 13 foot beam which makes her stable on Lake Superior.

Next thing outside of the size would be the rigging, Lake Superior has many faces when it comes to styles of fishing. We have a deep lake that has quite a bit of personality when it comes to where the fish are going to be found on a weekly basis. A wide array of gear including planer and downrigger rods, dipsey divers, wire, lead core and copper are a must. Also, make sure they have a good set of electronics. We run top of the line Simrad with everything to find the fish, along with radar and Doppler weather to give us a heads up when those summer storms pop up. You can find a full listing of our gear here!

Experience Matters, for us, and for you!

Finally, without a solid Captain, your Bayfield Charter Fishing boat is just that, a boat. Make sure you are getting on board an operation with experience. I have been fishing on Lake Superior for over 20 years. In that time I have worn a few hats outside of a charter captain. My experience is more than just fishing, in addition to I have spent time as a tour operator and guide and also have been involved in port safety and security. Additionally, with a background in Hotels & Hospitality I know how show my guests a good time.

Just check some of our online reviews on google or either of the following websites. You will see that we are a 5 start operation!

With all of this being said, even if you do not book with Superior Sport Fishing, give me a call. We will get you on the proper boat that will be sure to show you a good time.

Take a Trout boating with Superior Sport Fishing!

Captain Tom Linderholm