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Bayfield Charter Fishing

Bayfield Charter Fishing is About to get Started!

Spring has Sprung for Bayfield Charter Fishing Wondering what is happening on Lake Superior with the Bayfield charter fishing community? The ice is starting to bust up and the boat is polished. We have a goal of having the Reel Nauti in by the fishing opener. Spring fishing is heating up, Superior Sport Fishing is looking forward to having great success trolling top water and mid-level lures. This will produce catches of lake trout, brown trout, king and coho salmon [...]

Bayfield Charter Fishing

The Mystery of the Banana

The Mystery of the Banana..... One thing is for certain, fisherman believe in luck. Whether it good luck or bad luck it is always a consideration when we are out fishing. Bayfield Charter fishing captains all agree that the banana represents a bad omen when on the water. Many things have been attributed to this fruit. Whether it be a slow bite, mechanical failure, or continuous losses of fish on the line. Typically, once a pattern of one of the above [...]

Bayfield Charter Fishing

What to look for in a Bayfield Charter Fishing company?

What to look for in a Bayfield Charter Fishing boat Welcome to Superior Sport Fishing. I want to take a moment to share what you should look for in a Lake Superior Charter fishing experience. As one of Bayfield’s premiere charter fishing outfits we do not always have the availability to meet our client’s demands. Bayfield Charter Fishing guides vary, there are a lot of boats to choose from. So making sure you get on the right boat for you [...]