Bayfield Charter Fishing

New to the Bayfield Charter Fishing Fleet

The Move

Ahoy! Greetings from Captain Tom. First of all, we are making a transition to join in with the Bayfield Charter fishing fleet. As a result you will begin to notice some new offerings along with subtle changes to enhance trips. Due to factors outside of our control our map presence may take a bit as Google does not have a address for a dock.

In 2016 we brought you live online booking. In 2017 the Reel Nauti got a full enclosure. New for 2018 we are going all out and restarting our venture in the Apostle Islands. This was a big decision for us, as entering a new arena of fishing can have its challenges. After 8 years of guiding in the Twin Port’s we are confident that this is the right decision. Join us as we move our operation to Red Cliff, our customers will enjoy the benefit.

The Difference

What is the difference in the fisheries you might ask? Quite a bit, in addition to fishing in the Apostle Islands National Lake shore, you are now in ground zero of spawning habitat. What that means for the Bayfield Charter fishing fleet is that we are fishing more than just water temperatures. However, unlike the western side of Lake Superior in which we have become accustomed to, we have reefs. These reef’s hold fish, as a result you will reap the benefits.


What are the differences in limits? The Wisconsin DNR has not established the numbers for 2018, but what we are seeing is a trend to fill quotas. In 2017 this quota was filled in early August, this is not an issue at Superior Sport Fishing as we tend to button up shop in mid-August. It looks as though that we will be looking at a 2 fish limit for this upcoming year.

Does this mean that there is a shortage of fish? Maybe, but not necessarily, it means that the catching of fish was good. Creel surveys in the area reported that a lot of fish were caught. As a result in an effort to preserve the fishery the DNR closed lake trout for the season. You can find more information at the WI DNR website linked below.

Wisconsin DNR

Concerned about weather? Don’t be, even on the windiest of days you always have the option of tucking in behind an island to avoid the waves. You should keep in mind that fishing can be great just off the shore line if you know where and how to fish it.

Also, if you are in need of more than one boat, we will be partnering with Captain Jim Jonasen and the SBK reloaded this year so we have you covered! As one of the top producing Bayfield Charter fishing guides, he is a welcome addition to the Superior Sport Fishing team. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (218) 349-2728 and get your one-of-a-kind experience on the books!

Let’s take a trout boating!

Captain Tom Linderholm